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   Useful Links
   Business Information Sites
Gartner Group
Independent research Group - Current business & technology issues
Meta Group
Independent research Group - Current business & technology issues
Brint Group
Business information portal - Business Technology - Information Economy - Knowledge Management
Chartered Institute of Marketing - Online gateway for services to the Marketing profession
Ebusiness Information
Institution of Mechanical Engineers - The IMechE has a good list of relevant IT business, and association links.
Institution of Electrical Engineers - International organisation for electronics, electrical, manufacturing and IT professionals
   Government Sites
Portal to all government departments.
Office of the e-envoy
Info on getting the UK online.
Telecommunications industry watchdog
Department of Trade and Industry portal
The Office of Government Commerce offical site - Prince 2 methodology site
Office of Government Commerce
Doing business with Her Majesty's Goverment.
Full government departmental index
   Leisure related sites
Tate Modern
When IT get's too much, relax and see how the modern collection alters your thinking and preconceptions (and it's free!)
London Eye
For that going up in the world feeling, have a ride on the London Eye, and marvel and the grand views.
Workplace cubicle life according to Dilbert!
Ted Goff
More amusing Ted Goff cartoons!
Postcodes Online
Never be stuck for a postcode or address. Also check out all the other Royal Mail services.
Directory Enquiries
Courtesy of BT. Click Directory Enquiries option from the home page. Ten free lookups per day.
Yellow Pages
UK Internet yellow pages
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